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Where is my course?

Each course is put in a folder with the year that Informatics lists the course to be run for. You can view all courses and their associated years at


Do not convert PDFs to a Google Doc, leave them as PDF files.


When you share a link (see types of links below), only people who are added to the Better Informatics Team Drive have access.

Type Example URL

If you share one of the above links directly, users without access will be presented with the below interface:

Google Drive request access

This is bad! There is an automated system to add users to the Team Drive.

You can just click the new team drive button at the top, and this will just prompt you to log in and associate your Informatics DICE account (to prove you’re an inf student) with a Google account (to use Google Drive).

If you would like to directly send a link to someone in a group chat… copy the bolded bit in the URLs above and paste it in the section indicated below by ID_HERE:

For example, the following URL would produce

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