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New Service!

Better Informatics has launched BetterInformatics File Collection to replace the shared Drive:

Please use it for your studies and contribute!

We are also actively looking for people to help maintain BetterInformatics services. Chat with us on Discord or email!

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Exams | official list

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General guide, mailing list archives Edit on GitHub

INF2D - Reasoning and Agents | drps, info, papers April/May exam Edit on GitHub

50% closed book exam, 30% across two courseworks, 20% tutorial / engagement. Pass: 40% overall

INF2-FDS - Foundations of Data Science | drps, info None exam Edit on GitHub

(New course: Details are sparse. Please contribute!)

50% coursework, 50% exam.

INF2-IADS - Intro to Algorithms and Data Structures | drps, info, papers April/May exam Edit on GitHub

INF2B - Learning Edit on GitHub

75% closed book exam, 25% across two courseworks. Pass: 40% overall.


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