Better Informatics - 2nd year

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General guide, mailing list archives Edit on GitHub

Discrete Math and Probability drps, drive | drps, info, papers December exam Edit on GitHub

DMMR and PwA has been merged to form this new course, DMP is now solely based on coursework but you can find information about past papers here.

Online (flipped-classroom) version of this course. 10x better than the lectures.

Exam type: 100% Coursework.

Discrete Mathematics:


INF2-FDS - Foundations of Data Science | drps, info Edit on GitHub

(New course: Details are sparse. Please contribute!)

50% coursework, 50% exam.

INF2-IADS - Intro to Algorithms and Data Structures | drps, info, papers April/May exam Edit on GitHub

INF2B - Learning Edit on GitHub

75% closed book exam, 25% across two courseworks. Pass: 40% overall.


INF2C - Computer Systems | drps, info, papers December exam Edit on GitHub

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