Better Informatics - 3rd year

Better Informatics

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Exams | official list


AR - Automated Reasoning | drps, info, papers April/May; VUG: December exam

May 2012, Official April 2010 solutions

CAR - Computer Architecture

CCS - Computational Cognitive Science | drps, info, papers VUG: December; April/May exam

CD - Computer Design | drps, info, papers December exam

CT - Compiling Techniques piazza | drps, info

DBS - Database Systems | drps, info, papers December exam

EPL - Elements of Programming Languages

Unofficial past paper solutions can be found in the EPL folder in the Team Drive.

IAML - Introductory Applied Machine Learning | drps, info, papers December; December exam

ILP - Informatics Large Practical learn | drps, info

IVR - Introduction to Vision and Robotics | drps, info, papers December exam

PI - Professional Issues | drps, info, papers December exam

SP - Speech Processing

Answers to multiple choice for past papers here.

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